What makes us unique?

What makes us unique? Fellowship Preschool prides itself on our:

LOW RATIOS: We are committed to maintaining low teacher to student ratios to best meet the needs of all children. Depending upon the age and composition of the class, ratios may be as low as 1:4 while our maximum teacher to student ratio is 1:7. Low ratios enable teachers to better understand your child as a unique person and to adapt learning activities to meet individual needs.

LOVING NURTURING ENVIRONMENT: Your child will be surrounded with warm, caring, and friendly teachers who understand your child’s developmental stages. Your child will feel nurtured and most importantly, respected. Basic values and character traits such as friendship and honesty, etc. will be a routine part of daily classroom activities.

CELEBRATION OF INDIVIDUALITY: Each child is unique. Every day your child will experience the joy of discovering what makes him so special. Classes explore each child’s uniqueness to increase self-esteem, encourage acceptance of others, and celebrate our individuality.

EXPERIENCED TEACHERS: Our lead teachers have years of preschool teaching experience and know how to effectively manage their classrooms. Our teachers recognize that each child develops and learns at his own pace and therefore, curriculums are adjusted on a yearly basis to meet the needs of the children in the class. Teachers’ styles and learning approaches vary to keep learning interesting and enjoyable.

WONDER OF DISCOVERY: Your child will explore himself and the world around him through a variety of fun filled, structured, and purposeful individual and group activities. Through theme-based centers, children will explore dramatic play, develop fine motor skills, be creative with art, hear language spoken through finger plays and stories, play and learn with blocks and other manipulatives, and see science in action. Group activities will encourage and develop socialization, language, and large motor skills. Group activities include circle time, music and movement, playground, chapel, and library. Special in house and outside field trips are used to enrich learning and vary by class.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Parental involvement is strongly encouraged. Involvement strengthens the relationship between parents and teachers as well as encourages “parents as partners” in the classroom. Some ways parents can participate in the classroom include: helping with projects, reading, becoming a room parent, hosting parties, getting library books, chaperoning field trips, gardening, or being a parent representative. The preschool also has several ongoing parent run committees dependent on involvement for the improvement of the preschool such as gardening, playground, fundraising, and graduation.

*Special Needs Children: If your child has been diagnosed with any special needs, has an IEP, or is receiving any special services, Fellowship Preschool requires a conference before registering a child to assure Fellowship Preschool can appropriately service your child.